feat. Chris Wabich and James Yoshizawa on percussion & drums

Featuring Jonathan Rowden on saxophones and electronics, Chris Wabich and James Yoshizawa on drums and a myriad of world percussion instruments, the trio abandons all semblance of traditional harmonic and rhythmic orchestration, and journeys into the unknown together.

Rowden's use of electronic effects and live looping/sampling (of the saxophone and the others' percussion and drumming) creates surreal, organic sounding natural soundscapes, and his saxophone playing reflects influences beyond jazz (in particular the classical saxophone and new music techniques). Yoshizawa's background in Japanese percussion, irish world music, and orchestral percussion serves the music well, and pairs inseparably with Wabich's deep skill in Turkish percussion, orchestral percussion and word music. The music is freely improvised with only sparing notes on timbre and color to guide them forward. Frequently inviting guests to join the trio, Areni Agbabian (piano/voice) and Joanna Wallfisch (voice/efx) recently joined them for a live concert-film recording at the Blue Whale in Downtown Los Angeles, slated for public release in January 2016.

It is organized sound at its most eloquent and vivid.
— Gary Fukushima LA Weekly, LA Jazz Collective