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6/9/2014 Jonathan Rowden to interview live on 88.3 in San Diego, CA!

5/29/2014 Jonathan Rowden Group to interview LIVE on KMHD Jazz Radio in Portland, OR (OPB.ORG)!!

5/27/2014 "BECOMING" NOW AVAILABLE through Orenda Records, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and select retailers!

2/24/2014 LIVE CONCERT REVIEW by LaJazz.com: Jazz at the CAP

1/29/13 SUNSET STUDIOS booked for 2014 RELEASE!

1/8/2014 NEW Album Announcement + IndieGoGo Campaign LIVE!

12/30/2014 Spring Tour in the Pacific Northwest announced! Please visit calendar for dates + venues

12/29/13 All About Jazz Article + Interview 

11/2013 All About Jazz Live Concert Review: Alvas Showroom

6/1/2012 "Seamus Blake Transcribed: Amuse Bouche" published for Downbeat Magazine. Linked HERE