THE JONATHAN ROWDEN GROUP is a new instrumental quartet that smashes through traditional dichotomies between form and freedom. At the core of their ethos is a honed interplay between structured, original composition and free improvisation that is a tumultuous balance between fever pitched madness, tender spiritual softness, the absurd, and the profound. Their eclectic synthesis of styles and forms spans the emotional gamut from serene calmness to brutalizing intensity, and has quickly deemed them to be among Los Angeles’ most distinctive, cohesive, and original new voices. Their debut record "BECOMING" was released under Daniel Rosenboom’s boutique label Orenda Records on May 27th, 2014 and has received acclaim from listeners and critics alike.

The band features James Yoshizawa on world percussion and drums, Ryan Pryor on rhodes and piano, and Chris Hon on bass. Through seamless integration of electronic effects, along with their unique, collective approach to every performance, the JRG takes listeners on a journey to higher, sometimes brighter, sometimes darker places with every breath. 

Becoming received critical acclaim in summer of 2014 from sources such as DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE, ALLABOUTJAZZ, SOMETHINGELSE! REVIEWS, and BIRDGETSTHEWORM. Since their album release, the group continues to make waves across the US. 

The Jonathan Rowden Group achieves spiritual unity uncommon in much of jazz today...
— S. Victor Aaron, SomethingElse! Reviews